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Getting MX-10

We have more options to meet your individual requirements.

MX-10 sets

You can choose between the Basic set or the full Edukit set.

A no-real-sources policy at your school?

If you find it administratively difficult to obtain the MX-10 camera with the Alpha (Am241 9.5 kBq) source, we can still offer you the rest of the Edukit without this source (at a reduced price). The range of experiments will be limited but you will still have the Uranium glass and the thoriated electrode to play with.

Extending the Basic set

Did you only order the Basic set and you would like to extend it to the full kit? It is possible, just contact us and we can deliver a larger case (excluding the camera, the memory stick and the USB cable).

MX-10 participle camera 

License issues

The MX-10 camera is a sophisticated product, with some intellectual property and patent issues behind it. Please study the terms of use carefully before your order – as the MX-10 is primarily an educational tool designed for schools and universities. The prices are also reduced for schools, compared to other products with the same technology available on the market. The pricing policy is a result of our long-term commitment to support technical education.

Are you interested in the MX-10 but you are not a school or a university?

Please contact us here.