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About MX-10

The MX-10 Digital particle camera is a state-of-the-art educational toolkit for demonstrating radiation and analyzing radioactive sources.

It comes along with the powerful Pixelman© software which offers interfaces both for advanced particle experts as well as for high school teachers and students.

Main features of the MX-10

  • instant display – unlike traditional quantum detectors (Geiger–Müller tubes, scintillators) , this device is virtually a digital radiation video camera
  • clear recognition of particles - α, β, γ, MIP particles
    (e.g. muons from cosmic rays)
  • easy-to-use in classroom experiments
MX-10 specifications

Successful international collaboration to promote science

The technological company JABLOTRON, research institutes under CERN supervision and IEAP CTU Prague - all in common pursuit of a device helping to get the unique Medipix/Timepix technology closer to young people interested in physics.

Measurement of background radiation - office and plane

Background radiation levels measured by MX-10 (2 min)
1. in Jablotron office in Jablonec, Czech Republic
2. at altitude of 11 km (onboard commercial flight)

Medipix/Timepix chip

Come and be amazed the same as we were when we first came across this fascinating piece of electronics. Originally designed to get better images for mammography, now a tool used not only in cancer treatment instrumentation but also in other applications such as material analysis, optics or space program.

Pixelman software

Judging from the building they work in, you would never actually believe what everything Dr.Stanislav Pospisil and his dedicated team in IEAP have done. The remote monitoring of radiation around CERN´s large underground detectors or on board the International space station (ISS) are just some examples of their well-documented activities.


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