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Experiment Guide

We offer free downloadable engaging experiments with MX-10 particle camera, which were created in cooperation with IEAP CTU Prague.

For example, try interesting experiments with our new low-emitting 241Am (9.5 kBq) alpha/gamma source, which are suitable for high schools, but as an introduction to the technology, they can even serve very well at universities.


Dr. Vladimír Vícha (IEAP CTU Prague, Pardubice Grammar School, Czech Republic)
Dr. Peter Žilavý (Department of Physics Education - Faculty of Mathematics and Physics - Charles University in Prague , P. de Coubertin Grammar School in Tábor, Czech Republic)

Scientific consultant: Prof. Zdeněk Janout, Dr. František Krejčí (IEAP CTU Prague)

Please, respect the authorship and refer to the authors whenever you use the experiments in some papers or online.

Catalog of experiments

Kufřík MX-10 


What is new in the latest version?
1) Uranium glass - Radioactivity types – track visualization, kinetic energy absorbed in the detector chip, particle velocity
2) Thorium electrode - Types of radioactivity – track visualization, kinetic energy absorbed in chip
3) Potassium source - Types of radioactivity – track visualization, kinetic energy absorbed in chip, particle velocities

Download full Experiment Guide

You can also order an extended version with more experiments - a book from Dr.Vladimír Vícha  on Amazon called  Experiments Using Pixel Detector in Teaching Nuclear and Particle Physics