Particle camera - logo of the detector

Pixelman software

Pixelman is control and display software developed by IEAP CTU Prague.

The professional part of Pixelman is used to carry out the most complex research activities with the Medipix chip family. It is used now for example to monitor radiation on the International Space Station, where the astronauts have a mini version of a Medipix-based device (made completely by IEAP CTU Prague)

Simple preview – a teacher-friendly interface (plug-in)

For students and teachers we have created a very easy-to-use interface that perfectly suits the needs of demonstrative Physics lessons.

You can easily:

  • set the exposure time
  • set the desired number of images
  • set the integral mode (you get one image from more images)
  • watch the type-of-particle analysis running
  • see histograms of energies
  • export the measurements or images
  • zoom into the particles
  • and much more…


Kufřík MX-10 

Example of a measurement with a piece of Uranium glass (1 minute)
- the screen of a Simple preview and an energy histogram of gamma rays