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Medipix/Timepix chip

The heart of the MX-10 camera is an advanced chip developed by a group of institutes called the Medipix2 Collaboration based at CERN (Geneva, Switzerland). This Medipix/Timepix chip is now being used in many applications such as medical imaging, material analysis, optics or in space program.

Detection ability

Particle TypeEnergy LevelEfficiencyComment
Heavy charged particles >1 MeV ~100% alpha, atc.
Electrons (beta) >10 keV ~100%  
MIP particles >1 MeV ~100% under specific angle
X-rays 5 keV - 10 keV ~100%  
X-rays 20 keV ~25%  
X-rays 60 keV ~1%  
Gamma-rays >1 MeV ~0.1%  
Thermal (slow) neutrons 0.5 eV ~1% using an 6LiF converter
Fast neutrons ~ 1 MeV ~0.1% using a PE converter

More technical information about the chip

Kufřík MX-10