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SRS ALPHA radiation source

The SRS ALPHA school radiation source is intended for performing educational experiments showing the fundamental principles of nuclear physics. It is intended both for demonstrative experiments carried out by a teacher and for group and laboratory practice of pupils in higher grades of elementary schools and high school and university students.

ANS/ISO classification C 64444
Nuclide Am-241
Nominal activity uCi: 0.26
kBq: 9.5
Dimensions Total: ⌀ 10 x 12 mm
Active part: ⌀ 8 x 0.25 mm
Energy of particles α particles: 5.44 - 5.49 MeV
γ particles: 60 keV
Other: soft X-ray

Manual for the SRS ALPHA

Type Approval of SRS ALPHA
by State Office for Nuclear Safety - Czech Republic

Certificate for sealed radioactive sources

Declaration of conformity

School low-limited radiation source