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Pixelman software

Pixelman is a software package for Medipix2 acquisition control. It supports all available Medipix2 based devices (Medipix 2.1, Medipix2 MXR, Timepix, Medipix 2.1 Quad, Medipix2 MXR Quad, Timepix Quad) and commonly used readout interfaces - Murosand USB readout interfaces.

Screen of measured images with PixelmanIt is designed for maximum flexibility and interoperability with other devices (like Stepper motor control unit) to make possible to control complex experiments. This is achieved by modular architecture with support of custom made plugins.

Pixelman - Plugins

  • Threshold equalization
  • DACs scan
  • DACs dependency scan
  • DAC control panel
  • Frame Browser
  • Filter Chain Editor
  • Coincidence Control
  • BH correction
  • Scripting plugin
  • New Python Scripting plugin
  • Dosimetric Plugin for ISS
  • Timepix Calibration Plugin

 Simple Preview plug-in

This plugin was developed as a simplified version of Pixelman for educational purposes at high schools. It contains the basic settings that are easy to understand. The module is responsive to different screen resolutions of monitors or projectors. Thanks to that the presentation of results is always absolutely hassle-free. It is used primarily as a control program of MX-10 Particle camera.

Screen of plug-in Simple Preview

  • Written by: Jablotron Alarms a.s.
  • Friday, 24 January 2014