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Medipix, in essence, is an integrated circuit connected to a sensitive element to form a small particle detector. It is a spin-off of the electronics developed for detectors used at the Large Hadron Collider. Its single photon counting feature enables it to produce X-ray images which are high resolution and noise-free, making it excellent for use in medical imaging and a broad range of applications involving radiation detection

Medipix collaboration

With the Medipix family of chips Medpix Collaboration have striven to disseminate a technology which was developed because of the needs of the Large Hadron Collider experiments at CERN to other fields of science.


Pixelman software

Pixelman is a software package for Medipix2 acquisition control. It supports all available Medipix2 based devices (Medipix 2.1, Medipix2 MXR, Timepix, Medipix 2.1 Quad, Medipix2 MXR Quad, Timepix Quad) and commonly used readout interfaces - Murosand USB readout interfaces.


Timepix is a pixel readout chip of size 14 x 14 mm containing 256 x 256 square pixels of 55 µm, and can be bump-bonded to several types of sensors. The Timepix chip is developed by the Medipix collaboration, derived from the Medipix2 chip which operates in photon counting mode. Every pixel in the Timepix chip can be configured in one of three operation modes.